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When buying a new or used car, most of us think that it’s considered more convenient to part exchange your old car with the supplying Dealer. Whilst most of the time that is still the case, do bear in mind that it is really about the “cost to change”.


Things to consider when thinking about Part Exchange

  1. Dealers see the part exchange of your current car and the sale of a new car to you as one transaction.
  2. This may actually mean that the more they seem to offer you for your current car (often called an over allowance), the less discount they will be offering you on the new car.
  3. Or they might do the opposite and seem to offer you a great deal on a new car and actually give you less money than your current car is worth – i.e. undervalue it.
  4. It might be worth taking the time and trouble to sell your car privately before negotiating with a Dealer on a purchase of a replacement car.
  5. Do bear in mind that there are pitfalls when it comes to selling a car privately. You have the cost to advertise it for sale and need to be prepared to discount the price.
  6. Selling a car privately also means inviting people to view the car at your home or your place of work and you need to be sure they are genuine and have the money to buy it.
  7. Increasingly there are on-line websites such as webuyanycar.com who offer a simple and very straightforward way to sell your car.
  8. Do get a second valuation on your car before part exchanging it with a dealer (such as using  webuyanycar.com);  make sure you are getting a fair price for your car.


Still thinking of Part Exchanging your car with the Dealer supplying your next car?  In order to get the best possible part exchange price for your car, try to carry out as many of the following tips as possible:

  1. Make sure all the vehicle paperwork is up-to-date including logbook, invoices for work done and the most recent MOT.
  2. Check that your service book and service history are up-to-date, ensure there are no dashboard warning lights on.
  3. Repair any significant bodywork damage.
  4. Make sure the car is clean inside and out.

And finally…….remember that  it is  best to think of your  Part Exchange not as the price of either car, but think of it as the price to change your car for the replacement. The lower the “cost to change” the better the deal you have struck with the Dealer.


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  • BMW X6M 2015
    £62,897.00 27/06/2017

    Conditional Sale Agreement



  • Ferrari 348 TS 1992
    £50,000.00 19/06/2017

    Regulated Hire Purchase

    Engineering Consultant

    Ferrari FINANCE

  • Ferrari 599 GTB F1 2007
    £115,500.00 30/06/2017

    Regulated Hire Purchase


    Ferrari FINANCE

  • Porsche 911 ( 964 ) C2 1989
    £37,000.00 22/06/2017

    Regulated Hire Purchase


    Porsche FINANCE

  • Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDi 2017
    £34,149 23/05/2017

    Conditional Sale Agreement


    Volkswagen FINANCE

  • Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 2005
    £72500.00 04/09/2017

    Regulated Hire Purchase

    Company Director

    Ferrari FINANCE

  • Nissan Navara DCI Aventura 2008
    £7,995.00 26/06/2017

    Conditional Sale Agreement


    Nissan FINANCE

  • Porsche Cayenne GTS 2015
    £55,000.00 23/11/2017

    Conditional Sale Agreement

    Sales Manager

    Porsche FINANCE

  • Maserati Grancabrio Sport 2016
    £77,215.00 09/06/2017

    Regulated Hire Purchase


    Maserati FINANCE

  • Land Rover Discovery 4 2011
    £24,990.00 17/05/2017

    Conditional Sale Agreement

    Business Proprietor

    Land Rover FINANCE

  • Ferrari 355 Spider 1999
    £160,000.00 29/06/2017

    Hire Purchase


    Ferrari FINANCE

  • Land Rover Discovery 3.0 Sdv6 2016
    £44,149.00 07/06/2017

    Conditional Sale Agreement

    Teaching Assistant

    Land Rover FINANCE

  • Porsche Boxster 3.2S 2001
    £11,745.00 04/07/2017

    Regulated Hire Purchase

    Sales Director

    Porsche FINANCE

  • Audi A5 3.0 TDi S Line 2015
    £25,300 21/04/2017

    Regulated Hire Purchase

    Director - Travel Industry

    Audi FINANCE

  • Mercedes C63 AMG 2014
    £32,000.00 20/06/2017

    Conditional Sale Agreement

    Lettings Manager

    Mercedes FINANCE


  • Thank you Fast Car Finance, your car finance quotation was far better than the one offered to me from the dealer supplying the car. Furthermore, your advice and guidance on the various finance products that were available to me was first class. Great service from great people, you can rest assured I will be in ...

  • Having dealt with Fast Car Finance previously and having the whole process explained to me in plain English, I had no hesitation in returning to them to help finance my next purchase. As expected, the service was excellent . Thank you for holding my hand once again and I’ll be in touch for the next ...

  • Excellent. From my first purchase of my Ferrari a few years ago, then my Aston, to my most recent purchase, Andy has been awesome. Always available for any questions I have, always quick to reply – even at unsociable times. Even when my imagination runs wild Andy is always on hand to provide me quotes ...

  • … my experiences have all been very positive, and I would gladly use the guys again. They have also been a big help working in an advisory role. Steve has helped me out on 2 vehicle purchases this year and on both occasions FCF have worked quickly and effectively to come up with the most ...

  • Thanks Andy – another super job. I know where to come for my numerous car finance needs in the future ...

  • I really appreciated Andy’s professional attitude, ability to find a deal that suited me, his hands-on approach to the paperwork and the personal touch of visiting me at my office in London ...

  • All I have to say is a very excellent service and would recommend you to anyone. Thanks ...

  • Always Fast and Friendly… ...

  • I’ve dealt with Steve for both my transactions and I have to say he’s been brilliant. In both instances he has dealt with almost everything from start to finish with no impact on my busy schedule – no problems and minimal fuss ...

  • I have only dealt with Steve but I can report that he has been professional, courteous and efficient at all times. I would have no reservations in recommending Steve and Fast Car Finance to anyone ...



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