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Is now the time to invest in a Supercar?

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog post looking at whether now is the time to invest in a classic car. Given the number of incredible cars we’ve arranged classic car finance for in 2020 (even during lockdown), we think that the time is definitely right now and some of the car industry’s leading experts have backed up our view.

What’s interesting is the shift towards racing cars and Supercars – as outlined in the 2019 AXA Classic Car Report:

“A study of the past ten years suggests something of a switch in interest from the traditional vintage models (such as Bugatti and Rolls Royce) towards racing cars, which may well indicate new buyers entering the market.”

What is a Supercar?

To qualify as a Supercar, it must have a high monetary value, a low production run and a be a limited edition model. Some of the finance deals for Supercars arranged by Fast Car Finance include this 2015 McLaren 650 Spider for almost a quarter of a million. Or for the track lovers, this McLaren MP4 GT3 (2015) for £162,000.

Fast Car Finance has also arranged Supercar finance for:


Which Supercars Make the Best Investment?

But, with all this choice of Supercars, which models make the best investment? According to James Edition, the 4 cars to look out for are:

  • McLaren Speedtail – McLaren’s first ever Hyper-GT and the fastest McLaren ever made (the McLaren Speedtail reaches speeds of 250 mph. All 106 have been pre-sold at the list price of £1.85 million. They are expected to reach a value of £6 million once physical.
  • McLaren Senna – If track cars are your passion, then this is the one for you. It can be driven on the roads, but McLaren suggest that the track is the best place to enjoy driving it in the way that it’s namesake did.  All 75 models have been sold at a price of £1.1 million and they’re expected to increase in value to £2 million.
  • Bugatti Divo – The Bugatti Divo is powered by their iconic eight-litre W16 engine and has an output of 1,500 PS. Due to be delivered later this year, all 40 models have been sold and are expected to increase in value from £5 million to £9 million.
  • Ferrari Monza SP1/SP2 – this series from Ferrari brings together timeless style with a modern aesthetic. 500 of this series were built and strictly reserved for those with a history of purchasing Ferraris and limited to only one of the series (you couldn’t buy both). With a purchase price of £1.5 million, they are due to reach a value of £2.5 million.

What Would the Fast Car Finance Team Choose as their Supercar Investment?

Business Development Manager Steve Kayll would choose the Bugatti Divo! It would be a commercial decision due to limited production and the projected increase in value for Ferrari lover Steve.

Steve said: “It’s a space age looking car, it’s extremely powerful and will certainly turn heads if ever seen out on the motorway! The lucky 40 waiting for their orders are unlikely to hold on to them for regular use!  Whilst I enjoy driving, and enjoying the odd track day or two over the years, this car would be far too much of a beast for me to get the very best out of it!”

Carol Westlake (New Business Manager) would choose the McLaren Speedtail. Inspired by Tom Cruise’s ‘need for speed’ Carol says it will leave everything else standing.  “It’s certainly not going to be a car to pop to the shop in but from an investment perspective the expected increase in value makes it an attractive proposition. Whilst I will never be a racing driver, the McLaren name is intrinsically linked to the racing world. The car will be certainly be too much for me, I can but dream…”

Fast Car Finance founder, Andy Wise would choose the McLaren Senna, because its namesake was an inspiration to him growing up. Instead of buying it for investment purposes, Andy feels this would be a nod to Ayrton and his legacy:  “An inspirational character, he was both ruthless on the track and caring to his fellow drivers – once stopping to help another driver after a crash with no thought for his own safety. The McLaren Senna car would be beyond my driving ability but would make for a great discussion at any party or motoring event.”


Which Supercar Investment Would You Choose? 

Would you hide it away until your investment bears fruit, or would you take it out to enjoy (and for others to enjoy)? In this article, Richard Potter talks about how it’s a travesty not to enjoy your Supercar.

For the Fast Car Finance team, it’s a matter of opinion and as the client, you choose whether to drive it or hide it away.  But as a team of car-lovers, we love to see these incredible cars in the flesh as and when we can, so if you do invest, make sure you drive by so that we can take a look!


Find out more about securing Supercar finance on the Fast Car Finance Supercar finance page or get in touch with our team on 01635 785 400.


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