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Make one of the Fast Car Finance team’s Christmas driving wishes come true…

In the run up to Christmas, we wanted to have a bit of fun with our blog, so we’ve granted a wish for the Fast Car Finance team to see who will get the car of their Christmas dreams.

What do you think? Who in the team should be driving away this Christmas in their dream car?

Steve Kayll, Business Development Manager

Some of you might know Steve if he’s secured a finance deal for your dream car. But did you know that Steve harbours a secret ambition to be a racing driver? Well, if he was granted his Christmas wish, his dream car would be a classic Ferrari Enzo.

This is a truly iconic car – named after Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari and a limited edition, so there would only be 400 produced. So, if Steve’s Christmas wish was to be granted, he’d be driving around in a highly collectable car.

Obviously, there is only one colour you can have your Ferrari in – red of course.  The top speed for this F1 inspired car is 350 km/h and it can go from 0-100 in an incredible 3.65 seconds. However, we think this might be more suitable for a race-track rather than the Newbury bypass!

Steve has explained that this is probably not going to be his every day car, so he will probably stick to his diesel 50 mpg car to head in to work, but for weekends away and a spin in the countryside on a summers day – this is the car for him!

You can see our range of Ferrari deals that Fast Car Finance have financed, including this deal for a Ferrari Enzo (you could pick up for a whopping £2.2 million).  In 2003, it was worth just over £500,000 so you can see how much this beauty has gone up in value.

Carol Westlake, New Business Manager

Carol currently drives a Mini Cooper S which is perfect for parking at Fast Car Finance HQ! However, if granted her Christmas wish, Carol would choose an Aston Martin Superleggera.

Although Carol loves the performance of her Mini, she feels that the Superleggera is a fantastic looking car and she’d love to drive around in a car from an iconic British brand.

In contrast to her Mini, the Superleggera is over 4 metres long and 2 metres wide so it might cause an issue when parking it at Fast Car Finance HQ!  It’s quite nippy too – going from 0-62 in 3.4 seconds. And she’d love the luxurious interior, including leather seats. Without wanting to look flashy, Carol would choose this in a Midnight Blue.

The latest James Bond film will feature a special edition of the Superleggera – with 50 special editions being made in olive green to match the shade of the DBS original. The special edition models are likely to set you back £300,000 – so let us know if you want to discuss your finance options!

We haven’t financed one of these models yet – but you can check out some of the Fast Car Finance Aston Martin deals that we have financed in the past.

Andy Wise, Managing Director

In keeping with the Aston Martin theme, Fast Car Finance MD Andy would choose an Aston Martin DB5 for his dream car this Christmas. Is this because of the car’s stunning performance or more likely because of his (not so) secret ambition to be West Berkshire’s equivalent of 007?

This car holds a lot of nostalgic value for Andy – it originally featured in the 1964 James Bond film “Goldfinger” and as a child Andy saw the car on TV over Christmas and has had a desire to own one ever since!

Given that Andy’s day job involves arranging finance for fast cars (or arranging finance for cars fast – he does both), we aren’t sure how helpful the revolving number plate and ejector seat would be. As cool as these features are, modern transmission and suspension would make the DB5 more drivable on our modern roads.

Although Andy currently drives a Range Rover Sport and the two cars aren’t comparable, who wouldn’t want to drive an iconic piece of British Motoring History?

And if you need further convincing that Andy should be granted his dream car this Christmas, think about his second in command, head of Barketing – Fast Car Finance’s Cocker Spaniel Luna the dog! A true princess, surely Luna should be granted her Christmas wish too?

If you want to make your Christmas dreams come true (or somebody else’s) and want to speak to one of our team about finance for a fast car, why not get in touch – call 01635 785 400 or email


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